Challenge Fuji 5 Lakes Ultramarathon | Beautiful Mt. Fuji and Sakura in Japan

富士五湖ウルトラマラソン ウルトラマラソン/Ultramarathon

This time we will introduce the course and features of “27th Challenge Fuji 5 lakes Ultramarathon “. If you are interested in reading this, you also have to challenge Ultramarathon!

Features of Fuji 5 lakes Ultramarathon Tournament

The feature of the convention, it is a course setting that you can run while watching Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms.
The tournament will be held on Sunday in the third week of April, it is decided to be held on April 21st in 2017 and April 22nd in 2018.

At this time, it is a cherry blossoms season so we can enjoy both “Mt. Fuji” and “Sakura”, if weather is good.

The 27th Fuji 5 lakes Ultra Marathon course introduction

This tournament is set for 118 kilometers, 100 kilometers and 71 kilometers, each with a different course and name. Also, the characteristics of this tournament are “Course with less height difference” and “Severity of time limit”.

Course introduction

The course which goes around Fuji 5 lakes is as follows.

[From HP]

  • FUJI 5 LAKES -118km
  • FUJI 4 LAKES -100km
  • FUJI 3 LAKES -71km

Fuji 5 lakes refers to the five lakes “Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, West Lake, Lake Shimodo, Lake Motosu”. Only FUJI 5 LAKES – 118 km part can run all these five lakes.

Course with less height difference

[From HP]

Since the course of this event runs around the Fuji 5 lakes, there are few downs and slope. For that reason it is almost flat that the load on the foot does not change significantly.

Sharp climb is only starting from 10 km before the goal. Here I see a lot of runners walking with their feet stopped. However, since this sudden climb is also 200 meters as height difference. This is easier to compare with other Ultramarathon over mountains and transit passages.

Strict time limit

[From HP]

This is the gateway of the 118 km section. “15 hours” is set as the time limit for the total distance of 118 km. How to think about this time limit, in the case of normal Ultramarathon 100 km, the time limit “14 hours” is often set. In other words, the Fuji 5 lakes Ultramarathon – 118 km section can run only an hour longer than the usual 100 km tournament.

Even if you can usually run at a pace of 5 to 6 minutes per kilometers, you may fall to a pace of 7 to 8 minutes per kilometers for the second half due to exhaustion. In addition, there is a steep climb at the end of this course. One aim is to be able to run in “7 minutes/kilometer “ in order to aim for the completion of the 118 km section.

In order to achieve this, I recommend that you enter at a fast pace immediately after the start. It is because it gets slower than the actual running pace because of the high density and the crowding before the toilet and aid immediately after the start.

Characteristics of the course around the lake

As the name of Mt. Fuji Lake, a course that goes around the lake is a characteristic of this event. There are features and points to note about the course of lake orbiting.

  • The reflection of the lake is dazzling
  • There are few things that block sunlight
  • The laps course is scanty

Lake reflection

Depending on the direction of sunlight, the light of sunlight is constantly reflected by the lake. Although it seems that there is not much influence on running, in fact the strong light from the eyes creates a sense of fatigue of the runner.

It is also a reflection from the lake surface, so it is difficult to prevent with a hat or a sun visor. In order not to feel such stress, I recommend wearing sunglasses.

Direct sunlight countermeasure

The surroundings of the lake are relatively open, and you may run in places with few shady places. Let’s take basic countermeasures against direct sunlight such as hats, sunglasses, sunscreen etc. so as not to cause loss of physical strength due to direct sunlight.

Course with poor change

At first, you will be impressed with the magnificent lake view which spreads before you. However, it is attacked by the illusion that the lake is too big and runs even though it runs a while. The lake surface spreads and there are not many other markers.

Especially, the race is also 30 km, after 40 km it is 8 o’clock which is 4 hours since the start, so some people need to be careful not to run while being attacked by drowsiness.

As a countermeasure, it is important to keep listening to music. And use GPS watches and keeping track of your distance traveled quantitatively.

Luggage pickup at 2 places (56.4, 75.0 km)

Package pickup is possible at two locations of 56.4, 75.0 km at this tournament. For luggage deposit, it is necessary to put baggage in corresponding bags before leaving the race and deposit them.

Description video

  • Blue bag :Ashiwada buranch(足和田出張所)(56.4 km)
  • Red bag :Lake Motosu Parking Area(本栖湖駐車場)(75 km)

Please prepare not to make a mistake because the color of the bag and the pickup place correspond.

Fuji that shows various facial expressions

The race begins in the early morning and ends at the end of the day. For 15 hours of race, participants can see the various faces of Mt. Fuji and Fuji Goko. You can see Mt. Fuji on the lake surface that shines orange on the morning sun, the lake surface where the sun rises and shows lush greens, everywhere on the course. Inside there are places where you can see cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji at once.

These magnificent scenes will give you energy to run you on a hot and long road. And the spectacular Mt. Fuji that goes dusk at dusk will greet you at the goal.

Introduction of finish medals

富士五湖ウルトラマラソン メダル Fuji 5 Lakes Ultramarathon Medal

Mt. Fuji going down and golden Mt. Fuji and crane. It was a beautiful moment. Fuji seen from the course so far is recalled, and this golden Fuji shining in medals is also a beautiful view. Personally, Fuji 5 lakes Ultramarathon medal was the most beautiful medal among the medals I got.

It was a long way until I got this medal, so I am impressed.

For next time

Fuji 5 lakes Ultramarathon 118 km of this tournament is an endless and long way to go, but the course itself is easy to run and I think that anyone will have a chance to complete a race as long as we have a solid lounge course countermeasure. However, since the time limit is short, I think that it is important to run with consciousness of the gate in the early stage.

Why don’t you see the traditional scenery that Japan boasts next time on this occasion because it is a relatively convenient tournament from Tokyo access. We are looking forward your participation in Fuji 5 lakes Ultramarathon.